The path to financial independence

18 May, 2018

In this blogpost I’ll describe who I am and what tool I’m going to create which might help you to get started with financial independence. So without further ado: Hello! And welcome to the trackingfi blog and my first blogpost.

A little introduction

My name is Timon, 27 years old, I’m from the Netherlands and I’m currently working as a programmer.

I got interested in financial independence (FI) a couple of months ago. After browsing several subreddits (/r/financialindependence/r/leanfire) reading some blogs and listening to some podcasts (f.e. chooseFI and Mad Fientist) I got more and more interested.

I’ve tried to figure out what financial independence could mean for me, and why it interested me so much. I figured the thing I really like about financial independence is the availability to have (financial) freedom and the ability to make your own choices. I don’t really strive towards early retirement (RE), since I love what I am currently doing. However, I do like having the ability to be able to quit my job if it ever starts to feel like a drag, or start working less. Another reason why I would like to pursue financial independence would be to give my girlfriend (currently together for six years and going strong) the freedom to pursue whatever she would like as well.

My interests in FI are split in two directions. I’m super excited to get on the path to financial independence. I currently love to research it, read different blogs and listen to podcasts. My other interest is my ability to do something with my current programming skills. I would like to build something awesome so people know how to get started with FI and see if they’re on the right track.

What this blog is about

This blog will probably consist of a few different types of posts. One will be my thoughts on certain subjects related to FI. So much has been covered already, but FI touches so many aspects of people’s lives that I think there probably is more to cover. The second type would be my current path towards FI. I’ll be starting pretty much from zero, and I’ll just document my path through the journey. And last but not least; I will also post updates from developing a planning tool on this blog. Hopefully, by the time I have some sort of beta ready, I have reached at least a small audience who are interested in FI and would like to use this tool. 

What the tool would entail

I would like to set up an environment where someone can get started easily when they try to become financially independent. I’d like to purely focus on the FI community. My motivation for this consists of two reasons. I think the idea of financial independence is awesome and after listening to some podcasts, reading blogs, and the subreddits, I’m pretty sure the community is awesome as well. There are alot of different resources on FI, but in the tool I'm trying to create I want to outline which steps people need to take or which improvements they can make on their way to FI.

Well, that's it for the first post. If you have any questions or any input for the tool, you can send me an email!



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